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A key question facing cities is whether residents will enjoy and make use of new infrastructure. CityUX aims to bridge this gap between resident needs and designers’ plans. By utilizing UX strategies and ethnographic research, we obtain insight into a diverse city’s needs, preferences, and dreams and then partner with you to make change a reality.


Education & Advocacy

We wish to educate the masses about the value of human centric urban planning. By partnering with educational institutions, we hope to build a more educated populace and stimulate demand for more livable cities. Follow us on social media to see some of our own content!


StreetShift: Recording Urban Transformations

About StreetShift

The project StreetShift: Recording Urban Transformations (StreetShift) is a collaboration between City UX, Street Experiments Tool (SET), and Technical University Munich (TUM), that aims to capture, document, and create a replication toolkit using the transformation of Steinheilstrasse between 24 July 2023 and 10 September 2023 as the primary case study. Approved by the City of Munich with co-funding from EIT Urban Mobility, this street experiment is a combination of three key elements: 1) community space, 2) shared mobility, and 3) traffic calming.  For City UX, StreetShift enhances our capacity to create compelling stories and build our urban research and innovation network. 

Desired Output

1) Creating a video documentary of the transformation of Steinheilstrasse between July 2023 and October 2023, highlighting community involvement and its impact on the Maxvorstadt neighbourhood. 

2) Creating a playbook for urban change that takes the lessons of the Steinheilstrasse transformation and distills the process and institutional knowledge required for replicating street experiments in peer cities across Europe. 

Our playbook and video documentary are an innovative combination to drive impact in cities around the world. While the video is a visual and narrative medium to inspire action by proving that change is POSSIBLE, our playbook focuses on overcoming institutional BARRIERS to transformation and innovation.